01. After looking at the [replay], the referee disallowed the goal.
02. The instant [replay] became a standard technique on television beginning in 1964.
03. After the car accident, I [replayed] the scene in my head over and over, and I don't think I could have done anything to prevent it.
04. This year's football final looks to be a [replay] of last year's match-up between Liverpool and Manchester.
05. He had to [replay] the serve because his opponent wasn't ready.
06. I had to [replay] the telephone message three or four times before I could understand it.
07. Students can [replay] the film clip as many times as they need in order to answer the comprehension questions.
08. My daughter loves to [replay] again and again the part in our home video when she took her very first steps.
09. Finland has again won the World Cup of hockey, in a [replay] of last year's 4-3 win over Sweden.
10. The children laughed loudly as they [replayed] the moment on the video when their father dropped the birthday cake.
11. A slow-motion [replay] showed that the player had intentionally kicked his opponent in the head after he fell down.
12. The match final was a virtual [replay] of last year's contest.
13. The arena had a huge [replay] screen, so we could catch all the action.
14. League officials will be looking at a video [replay] of the incident in order to determine if there was a deliberate attempt to injure.
15. We were hoping for a [replay] because we felt that the goalkeeper had been interfered with, but it didn't happen.
16. Bert Williams once noted that books had instant [replay] long before televised sports.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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